Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 months

Watching Brooke grow these past two months has been so much fun! I look at her now and I tear up (currently doing so as well) because she is growing fast. She is such a talker and a wiggler. I love laying her down and watching her kick like a crazy girl, jabber up a storm, and drool all over her hands as she puts them in her mouth while she is talking. She doesn't like to be held like a little baby unless it is bedtime. Her preferred mode of transportation is looking out and around. Her smile lights up the room and she turns to me when she hears my voice and smiles and squeals with delight. I love this stage, but I am already missing the true newborn stage. I asked Kyle the other day when we could have another, because Brooke is growing fast and I know that baby stage is almost done. For now I am trying to treasure every moment. She always sleeps about 45 minutes in her crib before she starts crying. I go and get her and she sleeps another 30 minutes in my arms. This week I have let her sleep in my arms for one of her naps. She sleeps so soundly that she went five hours between her feeding.
I love watching her sleep. I peek in on her all the time because she still looks like that little baby I brought home from the hospital 10 weeks ago. She is swaddled and all I see is her chubby cheeks and round face. When she sleeps she smiles, frowns, whimpers, and grunts- she is an active sleeper liker her daddy. She is still getting up for her early, early morning feeding (4am). Last week I thought I was doing something wrong because she hadn't slept through the night yet, but this week I am embracing those feedings because I know eventually she will no longer want them. Last weekend I had to work for a couple hours and then run some errands. Kyle stayed home with Brookelyn and fed her milk that I had lovingly pumped (me and the pump do not get a long). I was gone about five hours. When I got home and saw her smile I started to cry. It was the longest I had been a way form her and I missed her terribly. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I walked through the door and saw her face.Brookelyn is 11lbs. 2oz and 24in. long. The doctor said she is above average on her height and average on her weight. It seems she is going to be taller than me. This month Brooke has learned a lot about herself and her surroundings. I can't wait to see the new things she is going to learn next month.

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  1. I love all the new pictures!! Isn't being a mom the best thing ever!! I love the picture of her in the bumbo. She just looks so chill!!