Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walking and 11 months

We went to Disneyland at the end of July, but I hadn't had a chance to share this with everyone. I think it turned out so cute!

I have not been very good about blogging this month, but I am hoping that after the heat wave is through, I will have a bigger desire to get on the computer.

Brookelyn turns 11 months in two days, which is crazy it has been that long. It is amazing how fast each year seems to be going as I get older. I remember when I was a little kid and summers seem to last forever! Now they are gone in the blink of an eye. The next couple months are crazy for our family; I am planning a bridal shower for a dear friend next month and then also planning Brookelyn's first birthday. We are going to celebrate her birthday here in San Diego around her actual birthday with friends, but then we are planning a big party with friends and family the same weekend as my friends wedding. We are so excited about celebrating with all of our family and friends this very special day for Brookelyn. I have decided that I will have a little bit more fun with this birthday party then the next ones, but still trying to keep the cost minimal. I making a lot of my own things: cupcake stand, cake, center pieces, games, and asking friends to bring different sides.

Now lets get to the most important part of this blog, Brooke! She has become such a big girl this month, it makes me tear up! She sits and reads her books, saying lots of words and sounds, another tooth, and of course, walking. One of her favorite games is to pull out her books and thumb through the pages. Her favorite toy is her stroller and the rings she has had since she was a baby. She still goes to bed around 7:30pm and still wakes up at 5:50 am...on the dot! Every once in awhile she will sleep past six, but for the most part we are up with the sun. Kyle and I take turns getting out of bed with her and then we put her in her play pen and give her some toys and turn on Play with me Sesame for about 30 minutes. This gives us just the right amount of time to wake up and sometimes catch a few more Zzzzs.

Watching the penguins at Sea World

I am nursing her on average three times a day. There has been days where it has only been twice and then right before her second tooth came in it was back up to four. The night before her second tooth came in, she also slept in until 7:00 am. I remember waking up and wondering if she was okay, but I didn't want to wake her. It felt so nice to sleep that extra hour, I made pancakes that day!

Kissing her baby

The beginning of the month she took off with her walking and around the 12th she was up to four steps. Then, it just stopped and I wasn't sure what was going on until that tooth came in. I had read that develoment is paused when teeth are coming and sure enough, the same day her tooth came through she started showing more signs of walking. Her right leg was dragging behind her for awihle as well and I wasn't sure if I should have her hips checked out, but as soon as the tooth came in her hips started turning evenly and that right leg is not longer lagging behind. Today she was going everywhere; walking between things and for the first time she took two steps and when she got off balance instead of falling she rebalanced and stood and then took another step. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't walk, she runs! This makes it very hard for her to get her balance and she is only able to take so many steps.
She started saying tickle, tickle this month and does the hand motion with it. She also can sign more and all done. She tries to say thank you, but can only get out the 'th' sound- I know what she means though. She jibber jabbers all the time and I love to hear her talk to everything around her.

She looks like such a big girl in this picture

I introduced her to a small amount of cheese this month and also some tomato. I made her a marinara sauce mostly out of carrots, but it also had tomato, a little onion, cheese and basil. I put orzo past in it becuase it was the perfect size. She loved it and I made it chunky enough that she could eat it with her hands. Her favorite food is still avocado and banana. We also are giving her regualr oatmeal now and she loves that. I will make it in the morning for me and then stir in fruit for her and she can also pick it up with her fingers. She sill hasn't wanted to try eating with her spoon, so for now we are a big mess!

Here is a video of her walking tonight. She has been doing this length all day, but we recreated it for the camera. Enjoy!


  1. I wish you two were here! She is so precious and Kyle is such a proud daddy!

  2. I know we miss him so much tonight. Hope you guys have fun!