Sunday, April 24, 2011


Brooke loved dying Easter eggs and man did she get messy! We let her get hands on with the egg dye. We practiced colors during the activity and she has decided that every color is blue. She is getting better at recognizing pink too though!

Easter was very nice and quiet. We got up went to church, ate at a Mexican restaurant and came home to have an Easter egg hunt. Brooke loved looking for Easter eggs, but I was sad that she was doing it all by herself. I remember as kid loving getting together with my cousins and looking for eggs and at Grandma's house. It would have been nice to be with family, but even so it was a nice quiet Eater celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. We read Brooke the story and discussed the importance of Easter with her. I am sure she didn't get it, but she picks up the book and says Jesus. It's amazing how she knows what books talk about Jesus. Even books that she has never read before she will pick up and say Jesus; I think it's because he looks the same in all the pictures.

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