Friday, June 10, 2011

Poppa and Grandma came to visit

Kyle's parents were able to visit us for a week in May and we had so much fun! They hadn't seen Brooke since Christmas and she had grown so much! She was a little shy at first (maybe 20 minutes), but then wouldn't do anything without them. We played outside, went to the beach, and went to Sea World. When they left Brooke kept saying, "Weared day go?" It was so much fun and they will be greatly missed!

Poppa and Grandma reading before bed

Holding Poppa and Grandma's hands on the way home from Sea World

Eating at Phil's BBQ

At the park

Eating yummy ice cream

She couldn't take her eyes off the ice cream

playing in her playhouse with Bernard

Riding rides with Poppa at Sea World

Big hugs for Poppa!

Reading to Poppa and Grandma

Running after the birds!


  1. So fun!!

    It was sad to see how much she missed them when they left though. She loved having them here!


  2. Awww, this is so precious! I know they are so excited to see you guys again and to start traveling. We loved being at the lake this week, Prayse will miss her Uncle Rick that's for sure!