Monday, August 8, 2011

Brooke's Summer

She doesn't get out of this car when we go over to our friend's house.

This has been a very busy summer for the Ferguson's. Brooke did a great job handling all the travels and change. She is growing up so fast and is talking and singing all the time. We tell Brooke to tell us that she loves us, but a month ago she said on her own, "Disneyland, I love it!" She now tells us that she loves us all the time. We are currently in the process of potty training and I think it is going very well. Only time will tell...

After a quick Target run, I ended up getting her a Cinderella doll and broom. She wanted to hold everything

She loves to wear her glasses. We found this toy at a garage sale for a $1. Brooke loves trains!

Smiling with Mommy at Sea World

Having fun with the camera! Love that smile!

She loves playing in her house!

Having fun at the happiest place on earth.

So happy be back with Daddy!
Waiting in line for Dumbo!

Hanging out with her cousins on July 4th.

Playing tea party in her pool!

Playing with a rolly polly and Grandpa

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