Monday, September 26, 2011

Ferguson Family Vacation

I can't believe how fast last week has passed. For those of you who read my last post, I accomplished 90% of my list and technically 10% wasn't necessary anyway. We had a great time with Chad, Kelly, Alyssa, and Myles. The last few days Brooke keeps asking for Myles and Alyssa to wake up. After we remind her that they flew home she says, "Let's go to the airport." Kind of sad, right?

Some of my favorite parts of their trip were:

-Watching the kids faces as they walked through Disneyland observing all the new sights.

-Listening to Alyssa's laugh; she had uncontrollable giggles on many of the roller coaster rides.

-Brooke's excessive singing and new giggle.

-Their excitement to meet the characters and get their autographs. They held onto the autograph books like they were gold.

-Myles favorite toy that he picked was his baby Mickey. Although he got a Mickey sword and Buzz-Lightyear gun, it was baby Mickey that he loved and cared for the most. Too sweet!

-Listening to Brookelyn call Myles 'boy' for half of the week instead of his name.

-Alyssa, Myles, and Brookelyn watching the parade. They sat there nicely waving and smiling with enthusiasm at each new float.

-Disneyland coffee- yum!

-Nightly visits to Yogurt Mill.

-Watching the kids play in the sand and run from the waves.

-Alyssa and Myles boogie boarding for the first time and "surfing."

-Watching Kelly, Alyssa, and Myles jump the waves together.

-Grilling at the cove.

-Watching Brookelyn play with her cousins.

-Spending time with Chad and Kelly.

-Taking the kids to Sea World.

I am sure there are other GREAT things I am missing, but this all I can recall currently.

We love you Chad, Kelly, Alyssa and Myles. Brooke can't stop talking about Ucle Chad (not a typo), Aunt Killy, Myles, and Lyssa.