Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 months and much more!

It is hard to believe that Brooke will be turning 5 months in 6 days! She has grown so much these past few weeks and I love the new stage she has entered. The beginning of the year was very hard for us, because she wasn't sleeping well and Kyle and I were spending most of our energy trying to get her to sleep and having none for ourselves. Over the past few weeks, our little girl has transformed. She is always happy and she is going to sleep well and staying asleep much longer. She loves her new excersaucer and loves to scream. Every time we put Praise Baby in she gets the biggest smile on her face, she loves it! We are giving her rice cereal off and on. If I feed her before rice cereal she is usually not hungry for it, which is fine. A really bad habit that we started is letting her watch Praise Baby when eating. She HATES sitting in one place when being fed. We tried letting her watch it and it is the only way she will be content enough to eat her food. When we start introducing other foods we will have to phase it out. Enjoy some videos and pictures over the last few months!

Brookelyn screaming! The first time we found Brooke's tickle spot.

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  1. Hey Lori! Love the videos. Elanor and Brooke should get together-- she is into screaming too. They could have screaming concerts. :) Your little girl is so cute and precious. I love keeping up with you guys via fb and the blog. Maybe I'll get around to blogging again soon . . . .