Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleeping without a swaddle

Last night, Brooke rolled on to her belly with her swaddle three times. Each time she woke up crying, because it scared her and woke her up. We knew she was getting close to doing this and had done everything to keep her on her back; we laid her against the bumper with a pillow wedged next to her to keep her from rolling. But even with all our efforts she rolled over anyways. This morning I put her down for her nap without a swaddle. It was hard for her at first to get comfortable, but after twenty minuted and a couple of positions, she was asleep on her belly. Her nap didn't last as long as they normally do, but I think with more practice she will start sleeping an hour and a half again. I am praying that the rest of her naps today will be as easy as this one. Twenty minutes of a little fussy and some crying is nothing.

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