Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7 months old


Brooke is 7 months old tomorrow and has learned a lot in one month. She is crawling more and more each day. She now crawls about four or five steps, takes a break and then starts up again. I can already see things that I am going to put away and cover up. Her clothes are always dirty after she crawls on the laminate; I pick her up and she is covered in dog hair. She has a tendency to scoot and slide more when she is on the laminate. She loves playing on the floor with all her toys and we went to an antique store in La Mesa and she fell in love with this Minnie Mouse that talks. She gets so excited!

She is also pulling herself up using just about everything she can- the coffee table, baskets, my leg, crib, Bernard (if he will let her), and much more. She also likes to go into the crawling position and then does the bridge on her tip toes. Brooke also loves baby mum-mums and has now discovered that if she holds her hand out Bernard will come and eat it out of her hand. Bernard loves it and always stays close to Brooke whenever she eats. Also, now that she can crawl, she will crawl to Bernard and grab his paws and every time he gets up and lays somewhere else. Yesterday, he had to find a new spot three times, she was all over him!

When I turn the TV on for her she really enjoys watching the Wiggles, Sesame Street and anything else with puppets and doesn’t really like animated cartoons. She enjoys watching some TV in the morning and then when I am taking a shower. I usually only turn it on when I know it will distract her long enough for me to get some stuff done, like right now. She still isn’t sleeping through the night, but more time is elapsing between feedings. There were a couple times this month that she would go 5-7 hours between feedings, but usually it is around 4 hours. She usually wakes at 11pm, 2am, 5am, and then up at 6:30.

I love how her face lights up when Kyle walks through the door and she can’t wait for him to hold her. I love how she stands up in her crib when she wakes up for a nap and reaches up to me to pick her up. I love that she is finally getting some hair. I love that she is a good eater and eats lots of yummy vegetables. I love that she sleeps well in her car seat and enjoys talking walks in her stroller. I love that even if she doesn’t get a good nap, she is still a pretty happy baby. I love that when she is really happy, instead of laughing, she smiles and opens her mouth up wide and you expect there to be a sound but there is nothing. I love that she loves to cuddle now and will lie on my chest and fall asleep (something she didn’t use to do). I love that she scrunches her face and snorts when she is done with something.

I am excited to see what adventures this next month is going to bring- maybe some teeth!


  1. What a doll! She is super sweet, Lori. Congrats to you, and she sounds advanced to me!! I watch two 7 month olds so I can kind of compare where she is compared to them. Great job, momma=) Keep up the good work. Oh yeah...you make all your baby food, right? I didn't with Owen, but I would like to with this one. I would appreciate some tips, books, or advice. Thanks, Beth Nill

  2. This post was so much fun to read. Love all the pictures and hearing about everything that she is up to!!