Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last night

We stopped by Disneyland yesterday after Kyle worked at a nearby college. Brooke fell asleep in her stroller around 6pm on our way out of the park. She was able to take a 30 minute nap before we got to the car. I figured she would just fall back asleep, but instead she was awake the whole ride home. We got home around 8pm and I fed her and gave her a bath. By the time she was all ready for bed it was 9:15 and instead of being completely exhausted she played like crazy. I didn't see any end in sight so I fed her to help calm her down and that seemed to work. We then continued our bedtime routine of books, singing, and rocking. When I put her down in her bed she was awake. I left the room and instead of hearing a little objection, the room was quiet. I went back about ten minutes later to check on her and when I peeked in she was laying down rubbing her bumper. I think she finally asleep around 10:00. Here is a video of all the fun she had before going to bed.


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