Friday, June 18, 2010

I love tutus!!

I have received a couple of handmade tutus from friends and family for Miss Brookelyn. She took her 6 months pictures in this cute pink tutu and Hazley made her a cute purple one, which I am going to use for her 9 month pictures. I have looked at many tutus and bows over the last year and there is so much cute stuff our there, but I must say that these tutus are the best!

You have to check them out! They have these adorable halter dress tutus that are to die for and with the matching bows, can you imagine how cute Brooke would be? They are the ultimate tutu and I would love to have one for her one year pictures and then I reuse it for her Halloween costume. Currently Village of Moms,, is having a tutu give away and I am crossing my fingers that I win, because I know that Kyle will not let my purchase one! Thanks Village of Moms for the opportunity!


  1. I know there is no way I can justify buying one outright! Too bad! If I don't win then I think you should for sure. :)

    I was also looking up a website with instructions on how to make your own. It doesn't look too hard.

  2. She is just too precious Lori!!! Do you make all of her headbands?

  3. Oh my Lori, what a cute little girl you have but what a girly girl she is going to be if you keep her in bows and tutus! :) Kyle make sure she is well rounded!! Just kidding!!