Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 4th

We left on June 24 for Colorado Springs for Hazley and Matt Sutter's wedding. It was a great time and Kyle and I had so much fun visiting friends and meeting up with Poppa and Grandma Ferguson. Poppa and Grandma hadn't seen Brookelyn since January and she had such a good time playing with them. She went right into Grandma's arms at the airport and spent most of the vacation in their arms. Brookelyn was a flower girl in the wedding and despite teething, she did a great job!

We went to Poppa and Grandma's cabin for fourth of July and Brooke went on the swing for the first time, hung out in the lake, played in the sand, played with her cousins, and with new friends. She did get off schedule and woke up more than usual during the night, but it didn't seem to make her moody and cranky, but the lack of sleep at night was hard on me. Kyle had a great time seeing his friends that he hasn't seen. He spent most of the time hanging around the fire pit and playing in the lake.
Our friends

Playing with Poppa

Brookelyn taking a bath with her cousins

Playing with Grandma in the sand

On July 4th, Kyle's extended family came to visit and Brooke was able to see Grandma Great. She was also able to meet cousins that she had never seen before.

Grandma Great and Brookelyn

We were also able to visit Erik and Krissy Gray on our trip to Nebraska. They had their baby girl, Birkley Jane Gray a few weeks before and it was wonderful to spend the whole afternoon and evening with them. Birkley is beautiful just like her mommy. They are both amazing friends and I only wish we could live closer.

Me, Brooke, Krissy, and beautiful Birkley

The end to our trip was very sad, because Kyle's other grandma, Grandma Stave, passed that morning. We were actually going to visit her the day that we left, but unfortunately we didn't make it. I was extremely sad to not get the chance to say goodbye, but we were all glad that she was no longer in pain. I am going to miss her very much. She was sunshine every time I saw her, greeting us with cookies and brownies. She loved to crochet. She made Brooke two cute sweaters and much more. Grandma and Grandpa Stave would always go to these swap meets and buy a box of jewelry for a $1. Every visit she would hand me a box of jewelry that they got for me and I always found the cutest stuff. We still went to visit Great Grandpa Stave to send him our love and comfort. When we got there, the first thing he made sure he gave me was a box of jewelry that grandma wanted to make sure I got. When he handed it to me, it was impossible to stop from crying. I will miss her very much, but I know that she is celebrating with Jesus right now.

Great Grandma Stave with Brookelyn in January

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