Monday, January 24, 2011

half marathon

This week I begin my pre-training for the half marathon I will be running in June. I have been walking and exercising more in January and this week I will be doing one and two mile runs before I start this training program. I am registered for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon on June 5th and if anyone wants to run with me let me know. Please pray for me as I begin my journey.


  1. I'm running one on May 29th. I am also in the pre training mode right now. We can pray for each other!! Love you Lori.!!!

  2. Dude I will TOTALLY be praying for you! It's honestly one of the things I would love to be able to do someday. This year I have a legitimate excuse, but usually it's because I'm just too chicken!

  3. So proud of you. Hope I can still be your partner. My heart was so excited about it! Xoxo