Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 months old

Our happy little girl!

Getting closer to crawling!

It is 6:30am here this fine Tuesday morning and Brookelyn is still asleep, but me, oh no I am wide awake. Don't ask how because it isn't because I got a lot of sleep last night. In fact, I think I got a total of 4 hours. I stayed up and watched a movie with Keri Mathews and just as I was going to bed she woke up. I fed her and she went right back to sleep. Then, she woke up at 1:30 and I brought her into bed with me to nurse and after I switched sides I fell asleep. I woke up once and thought about putting her down in her crib, but was too tired to get up and put her in her bed. I woke back up at 5am and decided I would sleep better if she was in her bed. I put her in her bed and ten minutes later she woke up. We let her cry a bit and try to console her, but in the end we put her in our bed. She played with my face for a bit and then started crying. I then nursed her back to sleep. I moved her in between Kyle and I and attempted to go back to sleep. As I was drifting, a tickle in my throat occurred and I quickly and quietly slipped out and coughed up a cat in the other bathroom. Now I am sitting on my couch and I am wide awake.

On to better and more interesting topics...

Brookelyn had her 6 month check up. She is doing great and is a very healthy girl. I was a little worried about the lack of weight she has gained in the last two months, but because she isn't a sickly looking or acting child the doctor was not concerned. She just processes food extremely fast and because she is so active burns a lot of her fat. In the last two months she has only gained 8 oz, making her 13.8 oz. She is 26in long with a head diameter of 16in. After our doctors appointment I got the go ahead to start feeding her more and after the lack of weight gain I plan on stuffing her face (obviously not really). I realize that as much as I am tired of these night feeding I think she still really needs them and that is probably why she still wakes up as often as she does. Can you imagine how little she might be if I wasn't feeding her at night? I feel that as soon as she puts on a little more weight she will sleep much better at night. When you look at her pictures she has fat in all the right places; in her legs and in those cute kissable cheeks. I feel so blessed to have a doctor who doesn't worry about the small stuff and understands that every child grows at different rates. More than likely she will always be the child who is in the lower percentile.
This morning for breakfast Brookelyn is going to have pears and rice cereal. Lunch and dinner will consist of pears, carrots, and rice cereal. Tomorrow, Brooke is going to try butternut squash that I baked in the oven and then purred.These last two months have been a blast. I loved watching Brookelyn's personality unfold and watching her become a stronger and more independent baby. Nap times have become much easier and bed time is always a special time in our house. I really wish this stage could last forever; no crawling, lots of cuddles, independent play, laughing, etc. but I know the next stage will also hold just as many special moments. I am not looking forward to crawling in my house, Bernard's shedding is excessive and it is impossible to keep my floors clean, but I will find a way to make it work (as Tim Gunn says).

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  1. She will put in the weight!! When Judson started food he filled out to more where he needed to be. He is still only in the 25th for weight and the 50th for height. Good for you for not getting to worried about it and realizing that she is just growing at her own rate!