Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breaking the swaddle habit

Learning how to sleep without her swaddle has been a learning curve for us both. She doesn't know what to do with her hands and because she is such a wiggler it does take more time to fall asleep. I have to help her a lot more, but I find it all so sweet. I sent a couple family members this video, but I then I thought it would be easier to share it with everyone this way. You will see in the video that I have to hold her hands to help her fall asleep and get them in a comfortable position for her. She is such a sweetie! Since this video I have decided to only swaddle one arm at a time and it seems to be working. She is not having the same problem with falling asleep, like she use to. In a couple days we are going to be moving the cradle into her room and then moving her into her bed. I am VERY sad about this, but she is out growing her cradle and I want to start this change before she gets too much older. I am excited about Kyle and I having our pillow talk time back, but I am not looking forward to getting up out of bed to feed her during the night.

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