Thursday, March 11, 2010

We will miss you!

Grandad Ferguson was an inspiration to his family, friends, and congregation. I feel blessed to know him and be apart of his life for seven years (wow!). I will always remember his BIG smile and Kyle and him talking about Jesus, whether it was over the phone or in person. Grandad was always living a holy life sharing Jesus with his children, grandchildren, friends, and being a pastor. He walked by faith in all parts of his life and I pray that God will give me the same fervent passion and faith everyday that I am able to walk with him on earth. We will all miss you, especially Brooke! These are all the videos I have with them and Brooke.


  1. I love these pictures and videos of your Grandad Ferguson! Especially the last video of him kissing Brookelyn. I think she'll love seeing those someday. I also love your Grandad's happy eyes and smile. He seems full of love and joy, which I'm sure has been passed on to the rest of his family. Thanks for posting, Lori!

  2. It will be good to see you again Lori. I have to tell you that Grandad talked about Brookelyn all the time. For him to be able to see her was a dream come true, one he wasn't sure would happen. Thank you for giving him that.
    Love you.