Monday, May 17, 2010

Another round of baby food

Yesterday I made Brooke more baby food and decided I wanted to try some different vegetables that even I have never had. I made sweet potatoes, parsnips, and zucchini and rutabaga, butternut squash and green beans. I only made one flavor combination for fruit, apples, apricots, and prunes. Come to find out that parsnips are more nutritious then carrots and rutabagas are sweeter than turnips. Kyle and I tasted all of the combos and they were very yummy and Brooke enjoyed them too! I loved making the fruit because I only had to dirty one pot and my food processor. First I skinned the apples and boiled them. After I added them to the processor, I put more water in the same pot and added my scored apricots. When the skin started coming away from the flesh, I took them out and peeled them and added them to the processor. The last thing to plump up were the prunes and that didn't take long. It pureed very quickly and only took a little of the leftover water to get the consistency that I wanted.

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