Friday, May 7, 2010

Bows, pins, and necklaces

As some of you know, I love putting cute bows and flowers on Miss Brookelyn's head. I decided that if I wanted to continue on having new bows to match her different outfits, I was going to start making them myself. I went to Michaels and bought a few different $1 ribbon spool and have made five cute bows. I have so much leftover ribbon that I decided I would make extra and see if I can sell them around $2 a bow. I will post some pictures soon, if anyone is interested. The best thing about these bows, is that they can be used as clips when they get older and go in their hair (they do stay, I put it in my hair).

Today, I went to a class that taught us how to make ribbon rosettes (pic #1). The ones I created are pins, but could have and will be attached to alligator clips. I think they are actually a little big for the head, but are the perfect size to attach to your blouse. Next week I am going to attempt to create this beautiful flower necklace (example of one in picture #2). It is made out of five flowers that are rolled and glued to make little roses. Then you attach it to a chain with some ribbons and you have fashionable necklace. I am thinking about selling those as well. I think the one in the picture is cute, but a little fancy.

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