Friday, October 21, 2011

Back Sliding

Hi Mommies! I need some mommy advice. I believe that Brookelyn is ready for a big girl bed, but I am nervous about the transition. About three weeks ago she started whining off and on when we put her down. We have been talking about how she needs to go to bed without fussing so she can get a big girl bed, but that is only effective half of the time. How do I know she is ready and how do you keep them in their beds?

Secondly, we started potty training about 3 months ago and it has been going great until recently. We were still working on potty training when we were running errands, but going poop has always been her specialty. She would go poop anywhere and was even waking up a little earlier in the morning to go poop. Then last week she started pooping in her pants again. She has now pooped in her pants four times and I don't know why. HELP!!

Any advice you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I wish I could offer some advice but best I can do is let you know you aren't alone. :0)

    Bella was potty trained at 20 months, no accidents for a few months, then BOOM, she completely started having accidents-both kinds for a month after 5 months. It was SO weird! Then, she just started being accident free again. I don't recall that ever happening with the other kids, but guess it is my mommy brain, because I am sure it happens all the time. So, you aren't alone...she is doing great for being trained so early!! I kept telling myself, she was trained before all the other ones, so I was ahead of the game, anyway.

    As for the bed thing, again, my solution, wouldn't help I love that we have a bunch of kiddos, so they see each other in their big boy/girl beds and want to emulate that. Bella just started to sleep in her own bed, now that she isn't nursing before bed anymore. It was a tough first night, but she got it. Now she fusses a little, but does it. I think that her being a little older helped, too, for her to understand being obedient and staying in bed.

    I suppose patience is key in any aspect of being a parent.

    Brooke, you are doing so good, sugar girl!

  2. The potty training thing has happened to most people from what I understand. They all go back after a few months for some reason. Just be patient, which I'm sure u are, and try a reward system. As far as a big girl bed, I'm sure sheis ready. We put Aidan in one at 18 months but tat wa because we needed his crib. We got a twin bed instead of a toddler bed so ta it would be higher off the ground and harder for him to get down then we got extra long rails that were as long as a crib and would put his pillows at the end of his bed when he sleeps. He is almost three and still will not get out of his bed until we come and get him out.

  3. I am sure that she will do fine in a big bed. We also just went to a twin bed right away. Judson did fine with it. We just would keep putting him back in bed if he got out. After a few times and 2 nights of that it was not a problem again. We also use a rail on the side of the bed and have not had any problems with him falling out, but he can get in and out by himself. He does get out of bed and play in his room in the mornings when he wakes up.

    And I am sure that the potty training is just a phase. Maybe try a different treat or insensitive. For Judson we bought generic match box cars and when he would poop in the potty he would get one. He had done the same thing been doing great then reverted for a little while. He was super motivated for the cars and once he was doing well again we phased them out again and he is going great again. Just remember to be patient and remember she is only 2, and is doing great!!!

  4. Lori, my dear sis

    It is normal that sometimes babies start to poop again in their pants during the training time. The behavior to be learned takes a while to be fully estabilished. Babies can take a while to learn the new behavior.

    One thing that can help: give her food in scheduled times, and then, teach wait a bit and take her to the toilet. The scheduled time for meals help, because then you can predict more or less the time she should go to poop, then you should take her until she learns. With time she´ll recognize the ´´biological signs´´ of when she wants to poop, and the behavior will get estabilished.

    You´re doing a good job, and don´t get worried if it happens sometimes, it´s normal.


  5. If you need any doubts, just ask me :) , and I´m gonna try my best to help. I´m not a mother, but I´m psychologist and in theory I should know about babies and kids behavior,hehe, at least that´s my major.

    (me again - Nádia)