Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today we played hookie with church and went to Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch. We had hoped to go on a Saturday, but Kyle had to work, so we had our family outing today instead. It was a lot of fun! If you are in the San Diego area and have never been, it is worth the road trip. Admission is free, which allows families to spend a lot of money or just purchase a pumpkin. We let Brooke pick one activity and she chose the pony ride, which she loved! Her method for picking a pumpkin was the first one she was able to pick up and carry herself. A little girl was also nice enough to share her corn so she could feed the goats. As we were leaving, Brookelyn grabbed my face and looked STRAIGHT into my eyes and said, "It's time for a bic-nic!" Unfortunately we were not prepared for that, but next year I think we will make it a full day outing and include a "bic-nic."

(if you haven't heard Brooke speak before she has the funniest intonation. She is kind of like a valley girl and hick in one. The hyphen is meant to display her accent.)

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  1. She is just getting so big!! i love her little outfit too, so cute!!